Fresh-Dried Mashed Potatoes a Pantry Staple for Post-Pandemic Kitchens

Fresh-Dried Mashed Potatoes a Pantry Staple for Post-Pandemic Kitchens

Microwavable Buttery Homestyle Mashed Potatoes

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The initial scramble of 2020’s shutdowns brought tumult to foodservice operations of all kinds—but now that the dust has settled, it’s likely that some of the changes implemented in the past year may shift the industry in a lasting way. Which means Idahoan fresh-dried mashed potatoes and hash browns will continue to be important staples in post-pandemic kitchens.

Higher expectations around food safety

The desire for safe, sterile foods won’t be going away anytime soon, so Idahoan’s single-serve mashed potato cups will continue to be a popular solution for cafeteria lines in C&U, K-12, hospitals, and even some grab-and-go restaurant formats. Diners can just add water, microwave, and enjoy.

Higher rates of takeout and delivery

Idahoan products hold well, travel well, and reheat well—unlike sides like French fries or salads. Customers love the flavor of Idahoan mashed potatoes in their own dining rooms just as much as in yours.

Greater desire for comfort food

When customers are craving comfort (which is now more than ever), nothing delivers like good old mashed potatoes.

A growing focus on healthy, plant-based options

Nutrient-dense Idahoan mashed potatoes are packed with potassium and Vitamin C—and they make a great starting point for plant-based menu options, like veggie bowls.

Tighter staffing

Moving forward, restaurants may continue to keep staffs small, meaning low-labor, fast-prep foods that don’t sacrifice flavor will be key. Idahoan mashed potatoes require no peeling, chopping, or mashing, and guests love them.

Smaller menus and pantries

Many restaurants have changed their offerings—or even their locations—during the pandemic, and may continue to operate within these more limited parameters. Idahoan mashed potatoes take up zero space in the freezer or refrigerator and can be whipped up on demand, enabling kitchens to be both small and agile.

Best of all, Idahoan mashed potatoes are a delicious blank slate where any chef can unleash their culinary creativity. Stock your pantry with Idahoan and you’ll be ready to stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

Get inspired! View recipe ideas and creative ways to customize your mashed potato menu items.

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