Seeds of Sustainability: Recycling

Seeds of Sustainability: Recycling

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With our direct connection to the health and well-being of the land, sustainable practices have been an essential part of who we are and what we do, since day one. As proud stewards of the land, we at Idahoan® are doing our part to ensure maximum sustainability in all practices. This article on recycling is the final in our three-part series around sustainability, discussing the areas in which we at Idahoan focus our efforts to preserve vital resources for generations to come.
Idahoan recycling protocols are the third and final step in our sustainability program. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards of sustainability – and when reduction and reuse are no longer an option, we turn to recycling.
Idahoan routinely recycles corrugated containers and office paper. In 2020 alone, we were able to recycle 117 tons of paper products, the equivalent of approximately 1,989 trees, 17 trees per ton of paper.1 We also recycle all scrap metal from construction projects, equipment upgrades, and general maintenance. In fact, all of the scrap metal that Idahoan recycles is equivalent to 58% of the steel used in the Statue of Liberty.2
Additionally, only the very best Certified 100% Idaho® Potatoes are used to make our great-tasting Idahoan products. Any sub-grade potatoes and leftover potato peels are used as animal feed for local cattle farmers.
With consumer concern over the environment growing, it’s more important than ever for operators to cultivate partnerships with environmentally responsible brands and suppliers. Today’s eco-conscious Millennial and Gen Z consumers are more likely to support brands that demonstrate care for the environment and are actively seeking to support foods that do so. These consumers are prioritizing products with clean ingredients, sustainable origins, and, of course, amazing flavor – and they’re willing to pay more for them too.3
As kitchens continue to pivot to meet the rising expectations of consumers everywhere, Fresh-Dried™ Idahoan potatoes stand out as the true menu hero again and again; operators are realizing that for over 60 years, our products have been as sustainable as they are delicious.
As stewards of the land, Idahoan has committed to a higher standard of sustainability by wasting less and recycling more. With a direct connection to the health and wellbeing of the land, sustainable practices are an essential part of the Idahoan culture, continuing to drive innovations and evolve business practices to ensure a brighter future for us all.
That’s tangible recycling, committed sustainability, and tremendously tasty potatoes – from field to fork.
Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about sustainability efforts happening here at Idahoan.
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