How Fresh-Dried™ Potatoes Can Help Operators Win This Holiday Season

How Fresh-Dried™ Potatoes Can Help Operators Win This Holiday Season

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With seasonal holidays around every corner, the pressure for operators to provide exciting dishes can be a challenge. With today’s increasingly advanced technology in foodservice, operators can save on time, labor, and costs while still serving up holiday favorites.

Idahoan® Foodservice’s proprietary cooking method offers an innovative solution to a time of the year when back-of-house can be tough to manage. Idahoan has pioneered a gentle method which honors the integrity of the potato, resulting in a Fresh-Dried™ ingredient that tastes and performs just like scratch-made. Fresh-Dried™ mashed potatoes and tater appetizers are a low-labor, high-margin, and food-cost friendly option to add to this season’s menu lineup. These speed-scratch ingredients allow operators to save time on otherwise intensive dishes while still offering customers the flavor and comfort that they crave.

The perfect canvas for culinary creativity, Idahoan’s Fresh-Dried™ potatoes can turn a variety of low-cost dips, sides, appetizers, and entrées into signature dishes that are ready in a fraction of the time. Using on-hand ingredients, leftovers, or seasonal offerings, Fresh-Dried™ potatoes can be transformed into a variety of exciting dishes across the menu. With no need to peel, chop, boil, or mash, using speed-scratch potatoes can cut prep time down to as little as one minute.

Idahoan’s Fresh-Dried™ potatoes allow operators to work smarter by providing delicious, scratch-quality potatoes in a fraction of the time. With proprietary innovations such as this, kitchen staff can easily prepare for peak traffic and manage fluctuations with less waste. A shelf-stable pantry item, Idahoan potatoes are there when operators need them most to efficiently provide unlimited options at low cost.

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