Microwavable Buttery Homestyle Mashed Potatoes

Fresh-Dried Mashed Potatoes a Pantry Staple for Post-Pandemic Kitchens

The initial scramble of 2020’s shutdowns brought tumult to foodservice operations of all kinds—but now that the dust has settled, it’s likely that some of the changes implemented in the past year may shift the industry in a lasting way. Which means Idahoan fresh-dried mashed potatoes and hash browns will continue to be important staples…

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Thai Potato Salad

Potatoes: A Versatile Ingredient On Vegetarian Menus

With the growing appeal of plant-based eating, today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for nutritious meals that focus more on vegetables and less on meat. 36% of American consumers identify themselves as flexitarian, meaning they choose to eat vegetarian meals at least some of the time.  Potatoes For Plant-Based Menus Idahoan® fresh-dried potatoes are the ideal…

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