Speed-Scratch Potato Solutions

Scratch-Like Quality
Convenient & Consistent
Time & Labor Saving
High Yield
Reduced Waste
Quick & Easy Prep
Premium Quality
Reliable Performance

A Canvas For Your Culinary Creativity

Mashed Potatoes, Hash Browns, Casseroles, and Tater Appetizers — delicious, versatile, and oh-so-simple.

Scratch-Like Quality | Convenient & Consistent | Labor-Saving | Shelf-Stable

Idahoan® Mashed Potatoes, Shreds, Slices, and Flakes are the perfect culinary canvas for chefs to create exciting menu items across all dayparts, menu formats, and global cuisines. Delicious on their own as standalone sides, chefs can also easily top with a few simple ingredients or use as a base for trendy bowls and take-out meals. Idahoan potatoes offer delicious, scratch-like quality and flavor with added convenience and operational benefits. These craveable and consistent potato products make it easy to serve delicious potatoes with pride, while saving time and money over fresh, frozen, and refrigerated alternatives.