How To Get Ahead of 2022’s Hottest Emerging Foodservice Trends

How To Get Ahead of 2022’s Hottest Emerging Foodservice Trends

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As we look forward to a new year, the anticipation of emerging trends continues to grow. It’s important for operators to be prepared to adjust and adapt so that they can continue to meet the demands of evolving modern guests.
So what should operators get ahead of in 2022?
The truth is, the plant-based market is continuing to expand as consumers continue to chase healthful and environmentally friendly lifestyles. Along with sustainability, menu streamlining, and a diverse mix of global flavors, plant-based options will remain in the spotlight next year according to a report published by the National Restaurant Association.
As a part of the NRA’s 2022 What’s Hot Culinary Forecast, respondents were asked to identify what they think the hottest culinary trend will be – sustainability, plant-based foods, comfort foods, health and immunity boosting foods, and global fare and flavors (specifically Southeast Asian, South American, and Caribbean) took the top 5 spots.1
How to get ahead
To be aware of emerging trends is one thing. To be prepared is another, and arguably more important.
Especially as labor shortages and supply chain challenges persist, operators should look towards versatile, reliable ingredients that can help them remain both relevant and efficient.
Speed-scratch and shelf stable, Idahoan® potatoes offer the perfect balance of convenience and creativity. Their Fresh-Dried™ format makes for consistent flavor and texture in a fraction of the time for appetizers, sides, and entrees across any daypart – allowing operators to streamline their menu while remaining innovative.
Always made with certified 100% Idaho® Potatoes, Idahoan® is committed to sustainable farming and business practices. With focused efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle, Idahoan® potatoes are a product of less waste, better resource management, and support of local farmers – ensuring sustainability and delicious flavor from field to fork.
Even better, they serve as the perfect canvas for your culinary creativity. Take on the trend of global flavors with a simple mix of ingredients. With the addition of anything from Sriracha and chilies to avocados, ginger, and plantains you can expertly take on flavors from 2022’s most popular cultural cuisines. Any way you mix it, Idahoan® Mashed Potatoes, Hash Browns, or Tater Tumblers® Appetizer Mix are easily adapted to create craveable LTOs. Or use them to make your favorite menu staples even more efficient.
To learn more about how Idahoan® products can help you evolve to meet emerging trends in Foodservice, visit
1(2021). What’s Hot 2022 Culinary Forecast. National Restaurant Association.

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