Potatoes: A Versatile Ingredient On Vegetarian Menus

Potatoes: A Versatile Ingredient On Vegetarian Menus

Thai Potato Salad

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With the growing appeal of plant-based eating, today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for nutritious meals that focus more on vegetables and less on meat. 36% of American consumers identify themselves as flexitarian, meaning they choose to eat vegetarian meals at least some of the time. 

Potatoes For Plant-Based Menus

Idahoan® fresh-dried potatoes are the ideal foundation for plant-based menus due to their nutrient-dense nature, ability to satiate, and versatility in the kitchen. According to the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which focus on increasing the consumption of nutrient-dense vegetables, potatoes support the Healthy Vegetarian eating pattern.

High-Quality, Plant-Based Protein Source

A key concern of vegetarian and flexitarian consumers is obtaining enough high-quality protein in their diets. One serving of potatoes contains 3 grams of plant-based complete protein, more than almost any other commonly consumed vegetable. Notably, with immune support currently top-of-mind for many consumers, potatoes are considered an excellent source of Vitamin C, providing 30% of the recommended daily value in just one serving. Potatoes are also a good source of Potassium, providing 15% of the daily value per serving. What’s more, a single serving of potatoes contains 26 grams of high-quality carbohydrates, helping to fuel an active lifestyle and keeping customers feeling fuller for longer.

Potatoes Are Versatile For A Variety Of Meals

Due to their versatility, Idahoan® fresh-dried potatoes can easily be customized to fit into meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner across a variety of cuisine types. Potatoes provide a filling, plant-based alternative to meat ingredients in many traditional favorites. Put a vegetarian twist on breakfast and brunch by replacing meat with Idahoan® hash browns in a savory frittata or breakfast burrito. Try using Idahoan® potatoes in any of their forms to beef up a plant-based pizza. Highlight fresh flavors by creating unique potato salads or vegetarian tacos. Any way you slice it, Idahoan® fresh-dried potatoes are a crave-worthy addition to any vegetarian dish.

Get inspired! Learn how Idahoan® fresh-dried potatoes can create exciting vegetarian dishes.

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