Using LTOs and seasonal menus to your advantage

Using LTOs and seasonal menus to your advantage

Idahoan Tater Tumblers

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way customers interact with their communities and the way they dine. According to a survey by Technomic, 47% of customers are now craving more comfort foods. Similarly, 47% also agree that promotions are influencing the restaurants at which they choose to dine. With off-premise dining likely to persist even after the pandemic is over, operators are seeking ways to create memorable experiences for their customers while giving guests what they crave.

Reduced labor

Seasonal menu items and LTOs keep guests engaged and excited throughout the year by generating buzz. While promoting LTOs and seasonal dishes is a great way to keep guests interested in the menu, preparing them isn’t always cost effective and often creates more work for kitchen staff. By using ingredients like fresh-dried Idahoan® potatoes, however, operators can eliminate some of the labor involved in creating new and unique seasonal dishes that satisfy comfort food cravings.

Make classic or exciting dishes

In stressful times, consumers seek out foods they love – and what are potatoes if not the ultimate comfort food? Fresh-dried potatoes, in any of their various forms, provide the comfort guests are craving and the speedy prep operators need – but their versatility is where they reign supreme. Kitchen staff can choose to keep it classic or customize fresh-dried potatoes in any number of ways to create unique, exciting dishes. By mixing in different ingredients, toppings, and garnishes – such as cheese, bacon, garlic, and hot sauce – fresh-dried potato dishes can be customized to any dish, season, and flavor profile. Try adapting a classic appetizer using Idahoan® Tater Tumblers® Appetizer Mix for each season to keep guests looking forward to the next flavor and craving more.

Cost effective

Idahoan® fresh-dried potatoes are also a cost-effective solution for creating craveable LTOs and seasonal menu items. Fresh-dried potato ingredients are low-labor, high-margin, and food-cost friendly so operators don’t have to worry about losing money on expensive leftover ingredients and unused product. Even better, fresh-dried potatoes travel well and leftovers can be easily reheated without compromising quality. For operators, this means a stress-free LTO during a time when takeout and delivery services are dominant.

For operators looking for a cost-effective, popular LTO menu option, Idahoan® fresh-dried potatoes fit the bill.

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