Honest Earth® – Your Clean Label, Plant-Based Sides Solution

Honest Earth® – Your Clean Label, Plant-Based Sides Solution

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As consumer demand for plant-based and clean label products continues to rise, we at Idahoan® have been working diligently to develop a portfolio of better-for-you products for the foodservice market.
Introducing Honest Earth® – a brand-new line of honestly delicious sides, straight from the Earth. Made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, Honest Earth exists at the confluence of our commitments to using simple ingredients, sustainable farming practices, and our proprietary cooking method that honors the integrity of the potato.
We’re proud to be bringing you three new delicious, Fresh-Dried™ products for foodservice:
Read on to explore how Honest Earth can work in your kitchen!

Better-For-You, Made Easy

We only use ingredients that are found in nature – it’s just that simple!
All of our Honest Earth products are plant-based, gluten-free, and certified Kosher while remaining free of sulfites, preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. This ensures that we can provide operators with a versatile range of products that check the boxes of clean label and consumer-preferred flavor, making us a one-stop shop for side menus that stands up to the modern flexitarian diets of today’s guests.
All in all, our Honest Earth products make it easy to serve better-for-you sides with the wholesome, pure, scratch-like taste that guests expect and demand time and again.

Speed-Scratch Convenience, Operational Excellence

Using our proprietary cooking method, Honest Earth provides deliciously consistent flavor and texture in a fraction of the time it takes to prepare potatoes from scratch. “These Fresh Dried™ potatoes offer operators speed-scratch convenience, empowering chefs to create better-for-you dishes with pride and confidence, while saving time and money over fresh, frozen, or refrigerated alternatives,” says Idahoan Corporate Executive Chef, Richard Hoelzel.
As Craig Gentry, Vice President of Idahoan Foodservice, puts it, “the ability for chefs to use our simple and convenient products yields efficiencies in their kitchens, which means they can create dishes faster and with more flavor, in less time.”

Better Food for a Better World

With less waste, better resource management, and support of farmers, Honest Earth is aligned with the needs and values of today’s modern operators and patrons. We’re proud to be working towards finding sustainable solutions for today’s operators that meet the growing demands of their customers.
In today’s foodservice world, we know it can be a struggle to provide guests with better-for-you options – without compromising taste or sacrificing time. We stand by our delicious, honest ingredients that provide the wholesome, pure, scratch-like taste that guests demand – ensuring that you can serve plant-based better-for-you sides with confidence, while saving time and money. With over 60 years of experience in offering the highest quality potatoes, we’re honored to join you in serving better food for a better world.

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