Why Potatoes Are the Ultimate Convenient Comfort Food

Why Potatoes Are the Ultimate Convenient Comfort Food

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Fried, mashed, or baked – potatoes are the ultimate comfort food, a simple ingredient to work with, and the perfect base to build from for any comfort dish.

What is comfort food and…what makes it so comforting? Usually, these dishes are higher in carbs and fat making them both satiating and satisfying. Potatoes are a nutrient-dense complex carbohydrate, with around 26 grams of carbohydrate per serving – making them a wholesome choice for comfort foods that can be enjoyed alone or easily dressed up with spices, cheeses, and oils.1

Starting with breakfast, hashbrowns are the perfect crispy morning comfort food – but there’s nothing comforting about shredding potatoes for 20 minutes. Instead, use Fresh-Dried™ Idahoan® potatoes that rehydrate in a matter of minutes as an easy time-saving swap. Prepare as a traditional crispy breakfast side, or mix in some binders to create flavorful potato patties. Nothing says comfort quite like a runny egg and some golden hash browns.

Lunch and dinner are where comfort foods really come to fruition, especially in appetizers. Loaded mashed potato dips are a comforting, easy-to-assemble appetizer. Try using Fresh-Dried™ Idahoan mashed potatoes that refresh in minutes as a time saving and delicious alternative. Mix speed-scratch butter and herb mashed potatoes together with layers of sour cream, bacon, green onions, and other toppings to create a multi-layer dip that is a comforting crowd-pleaser. Using speed-scratch potatoes is an easy solution to increase efficiency while saving on labor and maintaining scratch-like flavor.

Nothing says comfort like the classic steak and potatoes dish. Focus on a delicious steak basted with butter and herbs, and save time on the potatoes. Whether you’re looking for a potatoes au gratin dish or a classic mash – Idahoan potatoes are on your side – they save time and are delectable in every way: creamy, flavorful, and comforting.

Potatoes are a staple when it comes to comfort foods and using Idahoan potatoes can save time, labor, and money while providing convenience, consistency, and scratch-like taste.

Learn more about Fresh-Dried™ potatoes at www.idahoanfoodservice.com

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