Stewards of the Land

Delicious products made with a commitment to sustainability

As the foodservice industry continues to evolve to address issues of waste reduction and sustainability, it’s important to understand how the products you source are made and processed, from field to fork. For almost 60 years, Idahoan Foods have been committed to providing the highest quality potatoes in the world, but you may not know that they have also held true to a mission of being good stewards of the land since their start over half a century ago.

Waste Reduction

Idahoan’s proprietary One-Touch and Lumps & Peels technologies use a minimal level of processing to maximize natural potato flavor, aroma and appearance, while delivering the REAL competitive advantage of operational simplicity and dry storage.

Water Conservation

After the water is used to wash the potatoes, the water is screened, filtered and sent to local Idaho farms to irrigate crops. This saves millions of gallons of water every year by reusing and conserving resources.


Only the very best Certified 100% Idaho Potatoes are used to make Idahoan products. Any sub-grade potatoes and leftover potato peels are used as animal feed for local cattle farmers. That is recycling at its finest. Nothing goes to waste at Idahoan Foods.

CO2 Reduction

Idahoan® Fresh-Dried™ potatoes take up 80% less space on a truck than raw, refrigerated or frozen potato products and don’t require emission-producing cooling systems, like frozen and refrigerated potatoes do. That means fewer trucks on the road, fewer CO2 emissions and less traffic.

With a direct connection to the health and well-being of the land, sustainable practices have been an essential part of the Idahoan® culture and continue to drive innovations and evolve business practices to ensure a brighter future.

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