Back-of-House Labor Savings with Idahoan® Speed-Scratch Ingredients

Back-of-House Labor Savings with Idahoan® Speed-Scratch Ingredients

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While there are many expenses that go into running a restaurant or foodservice operation, especially during a time of inflation, labor and food costs are among the highest and most important. In tandem with this, according to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry still lost 750,000 jobs, about 6.1% of its pre-pandemic workforce, as of May 2022[1]. In fact, three in five consumers report that they’ve experienced slow service due to staffing issues at restaurants[2]. So, what can operators be doing to save on labor and make their restaurants more efficient?

Using speed-scratch ingredients is one way that operators can save time and labor, cut costs, and ultimately make their kitchens more efficient. Idahoan’s Fresh-Dried™ potatoes are a classic example, providing operators with delicious scratch-like quality in a matter of minutes. From creamy mashed potatoes, to shreds, slices, and flakes – there are lots of options that help operators increase back-of-house efficiency by cutting down on labor. In response to increased food costs, 17% of restaurant chefs and operators have replaced ingredients with their speed-scratch competitor. Additionally, 47% of foodservice operations have simplified their menus in ways such as using the same ingredient across multiple dishes[3]. One application of this is using Idahoan mashed potatoes in a steak dish, and then using those same potatoes with other ingredients to prepare a croquette appetizer.

Additionally, with the rise of takeout throughout the pandemic, many restaurant leaders have increased their investments in automation to make food prep faster for carryout transactions[4]. These automations can come in the form of robots in kitchens, but can also be smaller-scale technologies that perform tasks such as making menu substitutions.

Idahoan speed-scratch potatoes have versatility across dayparts, menu formats, and global cuisines. Hash browns are a classic time-consuming dish, made easy with Idahoan. With no need to store, peel, shred, or boil – Idahoan speed-scratch hash browns can be ready in a fraction of the time. Casseroles, mashed potato sides, and bowls can all be prepared quickly using speed-scratch potato ingredients, saving operators time, labor, and even storage space – all while maintaining the scratch-like flavor and quality that guests crave. 

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