Avocado Breakfast Stax

Ready in 19 mins
Complexity: Station Chef
Serves 24 People

Move over avocado toast—a new go-to avocado breakfast has arrived. Our signature Idahoan® Tater Tumblers® Original Mix with Spices serves as the base of this satisfying breakfast dish. Topped with avocado, eggs, and Pico de Gallo, this combination creates a tasty first meal. These fresh ingredients pack the perfect punch of flavor to kickstart the day. Requiring less than 20 minutes from start to finish, these Avocado Breakfast Stax are fast, flavorful, and oh so easy.

Avocado Breakfast Stax
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 24
  • 1 bag (32.9 ounces) Idahoan® Tater Tumblers® Original Mix with Spices
  • 2 quarts hot water (water should not be above 130°F)
  • 8 ounces vegetable oil
  • 4½ pounds avocado (mashed)
  • 24 each fresh eggs (fried to customer's liking, held hot for assembly)
  • 3 pounds Pico de Gallo
  1. Measure 2 quarts of hot water (130°F) into a large bowl. Water should not be boiling.
  2. Add entire pouch of potatoes all at once, using spoon or wire whip to distribute evenly and wet all potatoes. Let stand 10 minutes until the potatoes are fully hydrated.
  3. Portion the mixture into 2-ounce balls and form using a burger press. Can be refrigerated and used for 24 hours once hydrated.
  4. Place oil on a 375°F griddle (if using a sandwich press, spritz the press with oil or release spray). Grill the patty until golden brown on both sides. Assemble by placing 3 ounces of mashed avocado onto the patty, top with the egg, and finish with Pico de Gallo.
Nutrition Information
Calories: 308 Fat: 27g Carbohydrates: 11g Sodium: 484mg Fiber: 7g Protein: 9g Cholesterol: 186mg

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